2023 Diaper Drive Announcement

ST. LOUIS, MO – September 18, 2023. The Pooper Troopers, in partnership with the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, Aldi, Commercial Electronics, Suburban Industrial Packaging, CAM Printing and DDI Media are pleased to announce the start of the 2023 diaper drive.

Did you know that an infant or child goes through an average of 8 to 10 diapers in one day? At an average cost of 30 cents each, this can add up quickly for a family who lives at or below the poverty line. Imagine being a parent who has to decide between purchasing diapers for their child, or food for the family. In many cases, they will choose the food over the diapers and try to clean out the soiled diapers and use them again. This leads to rashes and in some cases infections that undoubtedly leads to hospitalization. The goal of the Pooper Troopers and St. Louis Crisis Nursery is to ensure that every child in the area has a dry and clean bottom.

Starting September 1, and ending October 8, the Pooper Troopers will be hosting a diaper drive throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. We are taking donations in several ways:


Donations are accepted in the form of a credit card, check or by visiting our Amazon Wish List for direct delivery to the Pooper Troopers. To donate, visit www.poopertroopers.org


Starting September 24, all 40+ Aldi stores in Missouri and Illinois will have a box for you to drop in your donation.

Because the Pooper Troopers is an official Diaper Bank with the State of Missouri, any donation of $100 or more is eligible for a 50% tax credit. For more information about this and the Pooper Troopers, please visit www.poopertroopers.org/about

For more information about the diaper drive or for a media contact, please email Justin Emge at [email protected]