2020 Diaper Drive – FINAL NUMBERS

ST. LOUIS, MO – The Pooper Troopers, in partnership with the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, KMOV-TV, Aldi, Commercial Electronics, Lou Fusz and SIP, are pleased to announce the official count of the 2020 Pooper Troopers Diaper Drive.

Online Donations via Amazon

32,151 Diapers

25,444 Wipes

Donations at Area Aldi Stores

230,156 Diapers

116,424 Wipes

Cash Donations (Including 4-Degree Guarantee)


Because the Pooper Troopers counts total donations by diapers and not by the amount of money donated, we have converted donations of cash and wipes to diapers. (For more information about this conversion, please visit the About Us section and go to “How We Calculate Total Donations”)

2020 TOTAL


Though the Pooper Troopers were not able to reach last year’s total of 342,153 diapers, we did reach another major milestone. As explained in the About Us section, the charity began in the winter of 2015 and has doubled in size every year since. This being our sixth year, we were able to break a million diapers!



On behalf of the Pooper Troopers and the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, we thank the entire St. Louis region for your amazing support as we work to help local families in need.